Applicants Pakistani Passport or PPO Applicants Pakistani Passport or PPO

Applicants Pakistani Passport or PPO

Applicants having Pakistani Passport or persons of Pakistani origin

If the applicant(s) or their parents or grandparents have held Pakistani citizenship, a different procedure will be applicable. Applicants falling in this category may please note that visa granted to them shall be for a short term. The duly completed visa applications should be submitted to the Consulate General of India, #201-325, Howe Street, Vancouver, BC. V6C 1Z7.

A. Procedure if the visa applicant currently holds Pakistani nationality or dual nationality:

Please visit the link and submit the Application Form online.  Documents required are as under:


Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa for Business Purpose

Conference Visa

Medical Visa/Medical Attendant Visa

Student Visa

The Application form with photograph pasted in the appropriate box has to be submitted directly to the Consulate General of India Vancouver, along with the required documents. 

The processing of visa application for such cases takes a minimum of 6 weeks.

B. Procedure for the applicants of Pakistani origin holding Canadian nationality / Canadian passport only.

If the applicants have held Pakistani nationality in the past, or your parents or grand parents have ever held Pakistani nationality, the same procedure as outlined above (in A) will be applicable, except that no Sponsorship Certificate will is required in such cases. The applicants who no longer hold Pakistani nationality and Pakistani passport may apply for a visa on their Canadian passport, but would have to submit a certified copy of the surrender certificate stating that they have renounced their Pakistani citizenship along with an affidavit duly notarized stating therein that they no longer hold Pakistani citizenship and Pakistani passport. 

The processing of visa applications for such cases takes a minimum of 6 weeks.