Renewal of IDP Renewal of IDP

Renewal of IDP



  • Click here for online appointment
  • The Consulate General of India has not appointed any agents for giving attestation services.
  • Consulate reserves the right to reject attestation of documents, the contents of which are objectionable or contrary to the rules.
  • Processing time:
    • Acceptance of in-person applications with prior online appointment: 9:30 AM TO 11:30 AM (Monday-Friday except designated holidays)
    • Delivery of in-person applications: On the same day between 3 PM to 4 PM
    • Postal/Courier applications: 10-12 business days

NOTE:  Please note that this service is available only for renewal of International Driving Permit (IDP) and not for renewal of Indian Driving License.The Consulate only facilitates attestation of the documents for the renewal of International Driving Licence (IDP). It does not renew or issue IDP.

Online appointment is required (click here for appointment) to submit documents in-person at the Consulate. Documents may also be sent by mail/courier to the Consulate General of India, #201-325 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1Z7, Canada.



Before submitting/mailing in the application, please ensure that it includes the following:

1. Misc Application Form (Click here). Download and fill the Miscellaneous application form, paste picture and sign at appropriate place.

2. Two copies of International Driving Permit

3. Print out of the verification from

4. Self attested copy of Indian passport

5. Self attested copy of valid PR/work permit/study permit/visitor visa/any other

6. Self attested Canada address proof – copy of DL / utility bill / rent agreement / bank statement (any one)

7. Fees- $16 (for each document) by draft / postal money order in favour of Consulate General of India, Vancouver.Please note that cash, personal cheques, credit/debit cards are not accepted. 

8. Self addressed prepaid envelope for return of attested documents in case of postal applications. If you opt for Canada Post, please ensure that sufficient postage is affixed on the return envelope.  Applicants outside British Columbia may kindly check with Canada Post for their service terms on out of Province services.  We strongly advise using Xpresspost or other private courier services to avoid delays and loss in transit.


Applicant would need to apply for renewal of IDP through the portal of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) uploading the documents provided by the Consulate (Receipt of payment and certificate identifying the applicant).On receipt of application through the portal, the respective Indian licensing authority will process the request for renewal of the IDP. Further enquiries, if any on reissue of IDP may be taken up with MoRTH.


  • The Consulate does not take responsibility in case the attested driving licence is not accepted by the Canadian authorities. 
  • Consulate will not be responsible for loss of passport or other documents in transit by post/courier.
  • Consulate does not issue any DL extract or DL experience letter.