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Conference Visa

Conference Visa is granted to attend Conference, Seminar or Workshop in India. It is usually granted for three month validity.

Guidelines and FAQs issued by the Government of India about the Conference Visa are available at


1.  Duly completed, printed and signed  on-line visa application form.

2. Two recent colour passport size (about 35 mm x 35 mm) photographs in colour showing full frontal face against a white background to be pasted on the application form.

3. Current valid passport with minimum of 180 days validity and must have minimum 2 blank pages.

4.  A letter of invitation from the organizers of the Conference institutes.confirming dates, places and subject.

5. Application should preferably be submitted along with (i) Event clearance letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi (ii) Political clearance from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), New Delhi, and (iii) Clearance letter from the concerned state government.

6. If documents as para-5 are not available, application may still be submitted along with (i) list of all invitees along with their name and nationality and (ii) list of places to be visited in connection with the conference. Such applications shall be re-examined in the Consulate.

 Processing Time

5. business days after receipt of the application at the Consulate. Some applications may take longer processing time.

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