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With effect from 14th September 2018, an additional amount of C$ 4.00 per application is being charged on each of the service on OCI cards. The fee for various categories are as follows:

S. No.

OCI Card Service

Fee in Canadian Dollars with ICWF of C$ 4.00


OCI Card for adult/minor. Applicants applying for the first time

C$ 421+ 4= C$ 425


Re-issue of OCI Card due to change of personal particulars or change of passport

C$ 39+ 4= C$ 43


Issue of duplicate OCI Card in case of loss/damage of OCI Card

C$ 153+ 4= C$ 157


OCI Card in lieu of PIO Card

C$ 153+ 4= C$ 157

In addition to the prescribed fee + consular surcharge (ICWF), applicants are required to pay to BLS, an additional service fee. BLS should be contacted about the total charges and the exact procedure for remitting the fee. For more details one can visit their website www.blsindia-canada.com.

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