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India in Vancouver - Weekly Newsletter
Vol. 05, Issue No. 09. March 05, 2021

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Consul General, Mr. Manish accompanied by Consul, Mr. H. Venkatachalam visited the Khalsa Diwan Society (KDS) Gurdwara in Abbotsford and presented the special edition book released by Prime Minister Modi on 'Life and Times of Guru Nanak Dev ji' on March 4, 2021. He also presented a set of books on Sikhism in English, Hindi and Punjabi for the Gurdwara's library / reference collection. KDS Abbotsford was represented by their President, Mr. Harbhajan Singh Randhawa, Vice President, Mr. Bhajan Singh Toor and other committee members. The Gurdwara presented Saropas to Mr. Manish and Mr. Venkatachalam and also took them to see the historic Gur Sikh Temple, National Historic Site and Sikh Heritage Museum. The site originally built by Sikh settlers in 1911, was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2002. On this occasion, the CG spoke about the role and contribution of Sikh community to the development of Canada’s economy, and also the growing India-Canada relations.

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High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria and Consul General Manish held a virtual meeting with Premier of Saskatchewan Hon'ble Scott Moe on March 3, 2021. They discussed ways to expand India- Saskatchewan engagement especially in sectors of food and energy security where Saskatchewan can be an important partner for India. Saskatchewan is also in the process of opening a trade office in New Delhi shortly which is likely to provide impetus to trade and investment with India. Premier Moe also expressed appreciation for supply of Covid-19 vaccines to Canada from India manufactured by Serum Institute of India (SII) which is the the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world. Premier Moe reiterated his strong support for India's farm reforms, which reflect the Province's own successful experience with agricultural reforms.

Thank you to the Province of Saskatchewan and the Dept. of International Education and Jurisdictional Initiatives of the Ministry of Advanced Education for their assurance of vaccination against Covid-19 for International students from India studying in Saskatchewan.

Important Trade Fairs in India

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During Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi, while highlighting the innovative spirit among the country's youth to become self-reliant, said, "Aatmanirbhar Bharat has become a national spirit." PM Modi praised efforts of individuals from across the country for their innovations, plantation and biodiversity conservation in Assam. He also shared a unique sports commentary in Sanskrit.

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दिनांक 08 मार्च 2021 को अंतरराष्‍ट्रीय महिला दिवस समारोह
आयोजित वर्चुअल माध्‍यम से जुड़ने हेतु लिंक प्राप्‍त करने के संबंध में ।

भारतीय सांस्‍कृतिक संबंध परिषद द्वारा दिनांक 08 मार्च 2021 को अपराह्न 3:30 बजेे से सायं 5:30 बजे (भारतीय समय ) तक वर्चुअल मॉड के माध्‍यम से अंतरराष्‍ट्रीय महिला दिवस का आयोजन किया जा रहा है । इस कार्यक्रम को युटुब लिंक पर देखा जा सकता है : https://youtu.be/pnVy8p6XqAQ

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Invest India Corner
India - Knitting the future

The domestic textiles and apparel industry contributes 2% to India’s GDP, 7% of industry output in value terms and 12% of the country’s export earnings. The textiles and apparel industry in India is the second-largest employer in the country providing direct employment to 45 million people and 60 million people in allied industries. The share of India’s textiles and apparel exports in mercantile exports is 11% for the year 2019-20.

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India Perspectives - The Flagship Magazine of MEA

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Popular in India
Amber Fort

Just 11 km outside Jaipur, lies the magnificent Amber Fort (Amer Fort), sitting atop a hill, and rising like a sentinel guarding the city. Commissioned in 1592 by Maharaja Man Singh I, the fort is a fine blend of Rajput and Mughal architectural...

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Must Visit Destinations

A melting pot of art, culture, cuisine and architecture, the bustling city of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, preserves its essence of grandeur in its kaleidoscopic experiences. From a vibrant culinary scene and exquisite historical monuments to its rich art and culture and vestiges of colonial charm, the city of nawabs, as it is popularly called, is as welcoming as is the warmth of its people.

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India – A tourism destination

The beautiful Flora Fountain situated in the heart of the city Mumbai in Maharashtra, is something so unique and beautiful that you just can't miss looking at it!


COVID-19 - Travel Advisories and Updates

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India to export vaccines to 40 more countries

India will export vaccines to 40 more countries, supplementing the list of more than 70 nations where it is exporting Covid 19 vaccines, external affairs minister S Jaishankar said on Friday.


COVID-19 vaccine: India provided 361.94 lakh doses to various countries

India has provided 361.94 lakh doses of anti-coronavirus vaccines to various countries, out of which 67.5 lakh doses have been supplied as grant assistance and 294.44 lakh on commercial basis, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Thursday.


ISRO's first mission of 2021 today; will launch Brazil's Amazonia-1, 18 other satellites

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch the Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday. The countdown for the launch commenced on Saturday.


IISER Scientists Develop Cheap AI-Driven ‘Crowd & Mask’ Monitoring Device

Scientists from Bhopal’s IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education & Research) have devised a cheap AI-driven technology that will detect the people’s movement inside the campus and transmit a pre-recorded signal as an alert if there is a violation of social distancing rules.


India sending rice, HCQ tablets as humanitarian assistance to drought-hit Madagascar: MEA

India is sending a consignment of 1,000 metric tonnes of rice and 100,000 hydroxychloroquine tablets to Madagascar in response to the east African country's appeal for assistance to deal with a humanitarian crisis triggered by a severe drought, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Monday.


Nigeria receives over 3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from India

Nigeria on Tuesday received 3.92 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine 'Covishield' from the Serum Institute of India (SII). Indian High Commissioner Abhay Thakur joined Nigerian dignitaries led by Minister of Health Dr E Osagie Ehre, at the arrival ceremony of vaccines.


India delivers Made-in-India COVID-19 vaccines to Angola

A consignment of Indian-made vaccines has been delivered to Angola on Tuesday under the 'Vaccine Maitri' initiative, said External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. Jaishankar tweeetd, "Landed in Luanda. Made in India vaccines delivered to Angola today. #VaccineMaitri."


Consignment of Made-in-India COVID-19 vaccines arrives in Rwanda

A consignment of Made-in-India COVID-19 vaccines has landed in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda on Wednesday under the 'Vaccine Maitri' initiative, said External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar..


Indian-made COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Senegal

A consignment of Made-in-India COVID-19 vaccines has landed in Senegal on Wednesday under the 'Vaccine Maitri' initiative, said External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. In a tweet, Jaishankar said, "From Tiranga to Teranga. Made in India vaccines land in Senegal. #VaccineMaitri."


Covid-19: Canada receives 500,000 doses of Covidshield vaccine made in India

The first Canada-bound shipment of Covid-19 vaccines manufactured in India arrived in Toronto on Wednesday morning. A consignment of 500,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine under the brand Covishield was sent by the Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII).


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